Reflection of times past

He sat across from me with arms visibly scarred from the needles he used to fill the time after I skipped town for treatment. All night his arms were under pillows or sheets trying to hide the marks. The nightstand drawer held a bag of empty needles and a Bible. In this Bible were promises... Continue Reading →


07/17 – Sour Times

My eyes opened to see nothing but the dawn coming through the windows. My eyes like an unfocused camera lens. Glasses on. The lens slowly comes in to focus. I pulled on my vape, neon colors lighting up while I took a hit. My throat a scratching board for the smoke. Coughs echoed through the... Continue Reading →

Article for Beau Magazine

A Gay Man's Journey to Sobriety One drunken night I pulled up at the motel which was next door to the seedy gay bathhouse “resort,” and in my stupor I snorted what I thought was cocaine. The next few weeks, while not in a drunken stupor at all, I continued snorting what I held onto... Continue Reading →

My Life’s Own Personal Film Score

Music makes up 90% of my day. Even when there's none playing, there's always something playing in my head. Lyrics I've fallen in love with. A beat that plays in the background while I make up new lyrics to match whatever I'm doing. There's nothing I love more than the perfect song that fits the... Continue Reading →

Wildflower Vulnerability

Above my bed hangs a string of lights with photograph clips lined with pictures my friends and family sent me while I was in rehab. Every other picture is a series of inspirational quotes one of my friends sent me as a care package. My favorite reads, "it's okay to lose yourself for a little... Continue Reading →

How Will I Know

Tonight as me and a friend were divulging into boy/war stories, the topic came up of being attracted to toxic men. My friend Will told me he's explicitly attracted to toxic men. The men from my past, however, only turned out to be toxic once the feelings were blooming and my head was already buried... Continue Reading →

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